Subterranean Fantasy Vietnam

Island Fortress Exploration
This time with fewer fatalities

The haul

A few sessions in, and I think some of the PCs still don’t have names. Probably for the better since it isn’t entirely clear how attached you should get to a character in this nasty, brutish, and short method of dungeon exploration.

So far, the action has consisted of basic pest-killing: stirges, large spiders, a snake. In the process of destroying these foes, the PCs have acquired some treasure and a few magical items:

  • jade statuette
  • gold earring
  • two identical silver necklaces
  • silver bracelet
  • gold broach
  • gold letter opener with dragon ornament
  • magic ring
  • magical poision
  • regular poison extracted from the snake
  • potion of healing
  • 100 gp (taxed without appropriate representation)

Other than that, the only hostiles have been two orcs, but there are rumored to be goblin raiding parties in the vicinity.

In memoriam

Two PCs have passed from the realm of the living into the unknown spheres of the spirit-world. One was “the captain,” an elven fighter who was felled by an orc marauder while attempting to ferry the party safely into the Island Fortress. The other was Martin, a human cleric, who was sent hurtling toward the Earth after springing a pit-trap. May their deaths not have been in vain.

The larger campaign world

Morgansfort map

This is the lay of the land as you’ve come to understand it. To the South, is pretty much nothing but forests. North & West host other lands and islands. In addition to the fortress, there is allegedly another underground area that adventurers like to visit, but there isn’t much hard information on that since few return. As far as local politics go, Morgansfort is the “standard fantasy military garrison” with most of the population being persons-at-arms, far away from the kingdom they serve. Part of their revenue-generating strategy is to put a stamp on gold that is brought in from the wild, thereby increasing their control on the raw supply, but how long can such policies exist?

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